When the military steps in somthing like in the middle of a war.The voluntary act of a nation or a group of nations to introduce its military forces into the course of an existing arguments or war.The act by which a third person, to protect his own interest, to insert a remark, question, or argument and becomes a party to a suit pending between other parties.


"In another case, for almost half a century (1947-1992) the Philippines played host to two of the most valuable military bases in the world, namely, Clark Air Force Base and Subic Naval Base. These bases were located in four provinces of Central Luzon -- Zambales, Pampanga, Bataan and Tarlac). With 185,709 combined acres of prime land and water reservations, these bases were heavily utilized for the U.S. military intervention in the Asian Region and the Middle East. This led to operations that generated tons of toxic and hazardous waste and contain sites that are highly contaminated."

-Impact of Toxic Waste in Vieques, Puerto Rico and in the Philippines (oral statement)

United Nations Commission on Human Rights 60th Session, UN Geneva 15 March – 23 April 2004



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