Countries Spain Colonized

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Flag of Mexico


In the year 1519 the Mexicans lives would change for ever. Hernando Cortes was the leader of the spaniards troups tha came and took over Mexico. In Mexico, Power is shown by both the Aztecs and the Spaniards through traditions ciilization and knoledge. In Mexico there are two gigantic mountains range. The name for the mountains are sierra madre oriental and sierra madre occidental. Mexico has a weeknes that is that they sufer from earthquakes there was one in 9/19/85 that kill more than 10,000 people and left 100,000 more with out house. The way that Mexico makes there money is by factories, farms and mines. Some of the products that Mexico makes are cars cemen, chemicals, clothing, foods and steel. Mexico could be realy big but there are just small parts of Mexico are good for farming some of the farming they do are beans, chili pepers, corn, oranges, sugar, tomatoes and wheat. The Aztecs showed power through their culture because they were able to build things on there own they also had many traditions. The way that the spaniards showed power is through persuasion and force. Mexicans showed their power by fighting back through speach and force.

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