Misunderstandings Edit

However, Martial Arts can only help those who understand it. Some people learn Martial Arts for all the wrong reasons. And because they learn it for all the wrong reasons they will never be able to reach the their full potential.

Not about kicking ass Edit

The first reason people choose to learn Martial Arts is to be able to kick someone’s ass. What they dont understand is if you are really into it, and you really understand it you wont have to. Then you will start to realize that you don’t want to. It's cool to learn it if you want to protect yourself or if you just think it would be cool to learn how to fight but you mustn’t get cocky and think that you can beat anyone.

Not a sport Edit

A second example of the people who learn Martial Arts for all the wrong reasons are those who consider Martial Arts to be a sport. That is what Martial Arts are considered to be by most people today. The fact is that these people who think Martial Arts are a "Sport" are confused. This is also the reason why a lot of karate or kung fu practitioners are not considered to be Martial Artists.

Missing the point Edit

They say they learn it because it teaches "discipline and self respect" yet they believe it to be a sport. How can they believe that it teaches these things if in there eyes they believe it to be a sport. Well then the next question you have to ask your self is do other " sports" teach these things. The point that I am trying to stress here is that martial arts are not sports. It's a way of life. And those who believe it is are not martial artists. If you really sit down and think about it you'll know what I mean.

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