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This is the first Marshall University Writing Project presence in wiki world!

My task this morning is to experiment in order to create a bit more order in this chaotic world of wiki. I don't quite see how I could use it but, like so many other technological tools I've explored in the past, I have a sense that there are amazing possibilities for this tool.

Sorry to intrude -- but I suspect that you'll see this. I maintain a collection of wiki ideas for teachers at Hopefully, you'll find it useful. I work with a Writing Project site in Colorado (, so I'm interested to see how you use your wiki.


-- 19:41, 28 Jun 2005 (UTC)Karen

Writings for CollaborationEdit


Another TopicEdit

Topic FourEdit

Now this text is supposed to be exempt from wiki formatting so I could say that you can make a heading by typing this: ==Heading Name==

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