What will we do if it going up? Edit

Only the MTA can get away with raising fares while LOWERING the quality of service that they provide. But we should consider ourselves lucky, for they're not raising the fares as much as they originally threatened. Oh, and tolls went up 50 cents also. © JRomance Too much for the MTA

I don't have money!

<Too much for the MTA </blockquote>

I think the MTA has a problem to do with the fare hike for people who use Metrocard to travel. They need to close all the token booths at all five boroughs.

It's funny how the MTA likes to charge people a lot of money for bad service, unsanitary train stations, nasty and snotty employees, and trains that are 20 years too old to still be running. There will come a point where it will be cheaper to take a taxi than to take the train. If people begin to figure this out, then the MTA will be losing more money that they can't afford to. I wouldn't be surprised if the system went bankrupt and some other big corporation had to go and buy the MTA out to keep it running. In capitalist America, that's where it looks like its headed.

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