I cannot believe how lynching was simply tolerated by our government for years, and how in the south it was often celebrated by large groups of whites.

Lynching was a way white people like the Ku Klux Klan would threaten the black race. Lynching did not necessarily mean hanging. It often included humiliation, torture, burning, dismemberment, and castration. No white man was ever punished for lynching until 1915. There were 3,233 lynching, in one form or another in this country in the twenty-one years ending January 1, 1903. In some or many photos of lynching at the turn of the century, onlookers and even members of the mob can be seen smiling and grinning for the camera after the lynching. Black victims were hacked to death, dragged behind cars, burned, beaten, whipped, and even sometimes shot thousands of times. The most famous of these criminal acts was The Murder of Emmett Till. He was a young black boy from the south side of Chicago who was brutally lynched during the time of segregation. He apparently whistled at a white woman in Money, Mississippi when he was staying with his uncle’s and his cousins. After the lynching you couldn't tell it was him because his face was mutilated. - Walter Walker

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