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Ludacris is the best hustler and rapper because way he walks and talks. He can be a bum, and still won't get caught.

T.I don't have a chance against Ludacris Edit

One reason I think that ludacris is the best hustler than T.I. is that Ludacis has the skills, the gift, and the ability to be the best hustler eva. T.I. don't have that type of skill. Don't get me wrong the nice but not that nice.

Ludacris is Better Than T.I. Edit

Another reason I think that Ludacris is better hustler than T.I. is his freestyle. Come on you can not tell me this boy is not hot. So if can see what this guy can do in rapping then you can see what he can do in hustling.

Some people say that Ludacris is not better than T.I. and that T.I. is way better than Ludacris. Ludacris can beat T.I. in lest than a minute.

Some people say that T.I. is the greatest not Ludacris . Edit

They say that Ludacris can't hold T.I. and that T.I. is the king of the South. They say that T.I. hustle way better than Ludacris.

Still, I think Luudacris can hustle better than T.I.. For example is tell Ludacis to sell something down in the ATL I'll bet you he can do it in five minutes.

I always had this opinion about how Ludacris is greater than T.I. in everything. I choose this topic because I started with the hustling inside the school selling starbrus sour pack. When I thought about Ludacris and to tell you the truth nobody can have that musch skills and flow to be rapper. I picture him hustling I couldn't believe it. His rapping tells it all about and that why he the best in hustling.

The truth about who the best in hustling Edit

In conclusion, if it's true that Ludacris is the best hustler than T.I.. Then I'm right because if anybody listen to the rap that Ludacris be saying he will tell what I could do and how do it. T.I. will tell you but it won't be better than Ludacris.

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