Enter The Dojo Edit

As I walked in the Dojo I murmured Aws (that’s what you have to say when I enter the Dojo), Master Mo (My karate Instructor) said, “Hurry up and get dress.” I thought this is going to be a long day. When I got back into the dojo I announced Aws and joined the line of my Dojo brothers and sisters. Master Mo was reading a newsletter that he made to inform his students on the updates and test (when you reach the next level basically when you get your belt). Master Mo said, “I am announcing three new students to advance the names are Chris, Stacey, and Ray. At once I felt infuriation build inside of me. I was thinking how Ray and Stacey were being prompted to advance when I started Karate before them! I had started before them and yet they surpass me in rank and strength. Although each one of those students had been older than me I felt I should have been prompted to advance to I hate feeling like I wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t at all at that level yet, and the fact that Ray and Stacey was build so aggression I wanted to scream, like they were better than me. I just stood there in total shock as Ray, Chris, and Stacey got there new uniforms. I told Master Mo how I felt but I feel it each time I enter the Dojo.

Pride Edit

I always felt like I should have said something. If I had said something I knew it would have made has made a difference but, I still felt strongly about the topic. In my opinion I felt like all four of us should have been moved to advance but, I still felt strongly about the topic. In my opinion I felt like all four of us should have moved to advance but I guess Master Mo sees me as weak and non-wealthy of training.

New Uniform Edit

The three new students (we also all started around the same time) got there new uniform and pure adult rated anger. The uniforms were blue and looked brand new like it was filled with starch. Ray was so happy he had a big kool-aid smile. Stacey and Chris had just seemed regular there was basically little expression on there faces. I was just as good I should have also been moved up in rank.

Low Self-Esteem Edit

Until this day I haven’t said anything to Master Mo. I always felt in my heart that I was never ever going to quit something that I actually wanted to do. That’s one of my dreams to be a 10th degree black belt, and if Master Mo can’t see it in me than I am going to prove it I am going to train harder mind body and sprit, so that I won’t feel that pain I have in my heart. The feeling of low self-esteem.

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