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Love is a feeling no one can explain. It's unique and beautiful and a hell of a wonderful feeling. Lust is when you feel something for someone, but only in a sexual way. So which one are you feeling? Love or Lust?

The one? Edit

That special someone who is in your life, is he about love or lust? And here's the real question, Remember everything you did together or the stuff you've been through, Is he the one? Is he giving you the time of the day? Is he worth all that bull sh**? Is he what you want? Is he what you need? Will he be there? If the answer to these questions is yes, then great. If not, not so great. Think about it. Love or Lust?

Only fools fall in love Edit

If you listen to dear old granny that hasn't been out of the house in 9 years, well then you got a problem. Haven't you noticed that society is changing, drastically. People aren't how they used to be. "Love isn't love until you give it away." People and things fall in love: men, women, children, dogs. Everyone falls in love sometime. Whether it be in your dreams, a celebrity, or your average Joe. So if you're the fool, so's everyone else.

Love hurts Edit

Don't let anybody lie to you. Sometimes people make bad judgments and fall in love with the wrong people, hence "Mister Right". No one can be the judge of who Mister Right is for you. Only you can decide on that. You know how you like 'em and you have to pick 'em. Just be carefull not to pick the wrong one. Because you will get hurt and might even hate guys from then on. That's not right. Don't let one guy ruin the whole vein. One bad fish can't ruin the sea. So keep looking, your true love awaits, somewhere.

Love @ First Sight?Edit

While some may believe that love @ first exists, many don't believe in it. There's many ways to look at this situation though. While you may think it's love @ first sight maybe all it really is, is lust. At the moment you may desire the person so bad that your mind is tricked into believing that it's actually love @ first sight when in reality it's not.

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