Poem About My Boo I saw his eyes Try to disguise The fact that he Also seemed to agree That we Were meant to be.

I saw the way he looked As if he were hooked To my appearance, Knew then there had to be an interference Between him and her, 'Cuz I knew I was the one he would prefer.

I saw him lick his lips As I shook my hips, Walking past him Trim and slim. I knew he liked what he saw, That's why he stood in awe As I proceeded To be what he needed.

I saw that I too had a desire To acquire Him as my own, Knew I couldn't stay unknown. No need to postpone, Knew I had to be known.

(Dedicated to my boo aka my dirty lil' secret) Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/31/05; 6:54:15 PM | Discuss (1 response) webJournal: Pointless Arguements Lately, me and my boo have been having alot of arguements. It's driving me crazy how every conversation now invovles at least one arguement. It's annoying, fustrating and ridiculous. I mean, are all these arguements actaully nessecary? No! And that's why I need to put a stop to all this bickering. I know he doesn't like it and I mos def know that I don't like it so it's time we do something about it. There's no need for us to have to argue each time we speak. There's no need for all the bickering when we both know it's not nessecary. We both need to sit down and try to figure out what went wrong. When we did go from smiles and kisses to frowns and fustration? When did we become this pitiful couple that argues all the time? We need to go back to what we had in the begining and lose all these pointless arguements 'cuz they're not doing us no good.) Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/31/05; 6:01:04 PM | Discuss (2 responses) readingBlog: Macbeth Isn't Evil Is Macbeth evil? The answer is right infront of our eyes, obvious to those who think the same way I do. I believe Macbeth is not evil. I do believe he's kinder than he seems. We all see him as this cold ruthless man who can kill without the slightest concern but I see more to him than just that. When I think of Macbeth I see him as this man who everyone thinks is strong and in control. But that's not nessecarily the case because he allows his wife to be in command. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/31/05; 3:33:18 PM | Discuss webJournal: I Want a Kitty We're trying to decide whether or not we're going to get a kitty. My sister's friend has a cat who's pregnant. She told us if we wanted a kitty we could have one free of charge. I know I want one. We already have a dog in the house but I'm not really a dog person, I'm more of a cat person. I did used to have a cat before but she's now living with "my father". So basically I would love to have a kitty in the house. The only thing though is that we're not sure if our dog will adjust well to a kitty in the house. We don't want them to be fighting or to live uncomfortable in each others presence. We'll see what happens though. The kittens will be born most likely in July so until then we have plenty of time to decide whether or not we're actually going to get a kitty or not. There's alot of things we have to think about the cost for food and vaccinations, litter, toys, brushes, everything a kitty needs. Hopefully we do end up getting one. Hopefully... Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/30/05; 7:54:55 PM | Discuss (3 responses) webJournal: Me & My Crutches Had the worst day yesterday. Something told me I shouldn't have gone and chilled with my sisters but I went. And believe me when I say, I regret ever going out yesterday. Something told me I should have just did what I had originally planned to do sisters persuaded me and eventaully convinced me to chill with them. The whole day was basically a mess. And the only thing I kept thinking about is, "Why am I here instead of being with my boo?" (He will remain nameless.) I had wanted to chill with my boo but I figured I could always see him the next day. Anyhow, as I was going down the stairs in the train station, my foot slipped, I missed a step and fell foward putting all my weight on my left foot. As soon as my foot hit the floor, the pain shot up my body causing me to almost fall down. Luckily, my sister was there with me so I just leaned on her for support. Long story short: I had to go to the hospital and was told I had sprained my ankle. They wrapped it up, gave me some crutches and told me to stay off my foot for atleast a week. My god, I don't think I can stay in my house for a whole week to rest my ankle, I know I'm going to grow impatient. But yaa, I'm on crutches now and believe me, this shit is annoying. I guess I won't be seeing my boo for awhile now.'s just going to be me and my crutches.

I sprained my ankle :( Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/30/05; 12:11:02 AM | Discuss (6 responses) poetryBlog: Poem Stop Actin' Stop actin' like you the only one That wanted to run Away from our situation, From all the frustration.

Stop actin' like you played me, 'Cuz I don't feel as if you betrayed me.

You never did phase me,

Much less daze me.

Stop actin' like you the shit Who could get What you want Whenever you want it, You just don't get it.

Stop actin' like you have a reason To be squeezing All your anger out on me, 'Cuz I don't agree When you say I'm the only one to blame. You must be insane.

Stop actin' like you and me Were actually meant to be 'Cuz it's clear to see You had nothing to give to me.

(Dedicated to someone I was talking to before)

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/27/05; 6:09:28 PM | Discuss (2 responses) poetryBlog: Poem To My Homie I worry about you, About the things that you do, 'Cuz you already grew To become a part of my life, With all the right advice, Damn you nice. Nicks and dimes, I wonder at times, If that's all you're about 'Cuz I do doubt Our friendship at times. I see all the clear signs That we might be in danger, 'Cuz at times you act like a stranger. Please, don't tell me That you can't see The pain in my face. I try so hard to erase All the defective. Try to look at it at a different prespective, But it's not working homie, 'Cuz you're still apart from me.

(Dedicated to my homie, Ron aka Blackie. He really need to understand how much I do love him and how much I do want the best for him) xoxo

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/27/05; 10:10:24 AM | Discuss (2 responses) webJournal: Dirty Lil' Secret He's my dirty lil' secret. The one no one can know about, the one who shares his love with me behind doors. He wishes we could go public, so that all could view us, judge us, hate on us but...I choose to remain stubborn and tell him that it is best that "we" be kept a secret for now. I know we deserve to flaunt what we have, to show others that we are happy but...again I choose to remain stubborn. I tell him we could uncover the veil that hides us, we could pull away the curtain that sheilds us away from the eyes of others but...we just can't do that now. I do want to be able to tell others about him, to tell others that he is special to me, that he is the one that puts that smile on my face. I do want to tell them about how he melts my heart and how I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I'm around him but I just can't. I mean, atleast not for now. I do know though, that he won't be my dirty lil' secret forever. I will soon tell all that he is that special one in my life right now. He will eventually stop being my dirty lil' secret and become the treasure that all will envy but never get the chance to have. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/25/05; 10:26:17 AM | Discuss (2 responses) webJournal: Stress, Stress, Stress Lately, my life has been going through some changes. And when I say some, I actually mean alot. My life is always twisting and spinning, suprising me each day. I never have a dull day. I mean, how could I when I have so much to deal with, so much to do in so little time? I wonder sometimes, should I be taking things slower? Should I stop doing so much? Maybe if I ease up then maybe I'll be less stressed. I'm pretty sure I will feel better when I actually sit down for a day and relax. And I know I do need to relive some of my stress because I know it's not doing me any good.

When I look at my hair and spot those white hairs, I don't even get suprised anymore. I see too many, too often to actaully make a big deal over another white hair. Doctors tell me it's the stress. They tell me that I do need to do something about it before it gets serious. They warn me that stress does lead to many problems and I know all that, it's just what can I do about it? How can I get rid of my stress when it's around me at all times? This stress is wearing me out. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/25/05; 9:53:35 AM | Discuss (2 responses) readingBlog: Sex & Love

I've recently finished reading "Am I the Last Virgin?", (ten reflections on sex and love) by ten African American women. I noticed myself cheering this text. What this said about the text is that it's believeable and even I can relate to the them. What this says about me is that I'm able to relate to stories on sex and love. I was able to relate to all ten women in different ways.

At first, I thought the reflections would be more like essays. I kind of figured it would be boring too. Now, that I've read it though, I see it's not quite how I had imagined it to be. All ten refelctions were intruiging and kept my interest. Each reflection was unlike the other, they were all magnificant in their own ways. I loved how they were foward and able to speak their minds. I can't help thinking about whose voices are heard in this text, and whose are not. I most definitely heard the women speaking outin this book. The women governed the book and made sure their voices were heard, which is a good thing. I didn't get hear the voices of men but that's good because I do believe women should have the oppurtunity to speak without the voices of men in the background.

Sex and love figures big time in this text. All ten reflections were about sex and/or love. I loved how each reflection was unlike the other, expressing different point of views.

Men would probably say that women are too hard on them and that we need to stop comparing them to others. It's true though, ladies do need to learn that not all men are alike. I think that's basically what the men would have to say, they wouldn't want to be compared to others.

It's gotten me thinking about how sex and love is indeed a big part of life. Love and sex does affect your life regardless. I mean, there are many consequences to them, many disappointments, heartbreak. But that's all something we all need to learn how to deal with. Overall, I liked the book and would love to read another like it. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/24/05; 7:30:53 PM | Discuss readingBlog: Lady Macbeth: No Change, Not For No One

How does Lady Macbeth change? After re-reading Act 1 Scene 5, I've come to the conclusion that Lady Macbeth does not change. Throughout the scene she remains a strong willed person. She remains in charge and it seems as if she's the leader in the marriage. Right from the get-go she's demanding and proves to us readers that she's unlike others. I'm sure ladies back then weren't as aggressive as Lady Macbeth is. She protrays this strong minded woman who doesn't take crap from no one. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/23/05; 12:40:44 PM | Discuss poetryBlog: Poem Hand in Hand I see the way their eyes meet,

No need for them to compete

With others

When all they want is each other.

I see the way his hand manages to find hers,

It's enough to send shivers

Up and down her spine,

Feeling so divine

As she glances over at her dime.

I see how smiles creep across their faces,

As they take those paces

Towards each other,

Desiring one another.

I'm waiting for the day

That she'll be able to say

That he's her man,

Hand in hand.

(Dedicated to my homegirl, Chrissy and her boo, it's best I not say any names, you know how people are, good luck with ya boo tho, I hope you'll be able to claim him soon) Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/23/05; 12:12:24 PM | Discuss (3 responses) webJournal: Thinking About D I keep thinking about D. I don't know why. I don't even know him like that yet but for some reason his presence is imprinted in my mind. His voice replays over and over in my thoughts, at times helping me fall asleep. His scent drifts past me every few seconds, surrounding me and suffucating me with it's richness. I don't know why I keep thinking about him but I know it's gotta stop. I don't like when I can't stop thinking about a certain someone. It drives me insane. Whether or not he's going to play a major part in my life, I don't know. But whatever the case may be, I'll always know there was a period when I couldn't stop thinking about him. I know I shouldn't be but I just can't help thinking about D.

(To those who know who I'm talking about, I know y'all think I'm buggin' lol) Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/17/05; 9:20:55 PM | Discuss (4 responses) webJournal: Don't Know How To Act I wonder why you now wanna act as if you don't even know me. I wonder why you want to act as if I did something wrong. I mean, exactly where did I go wrong? Did I offend you in some way? 'Cuz if I did then I really do think you should come to me and try to work things out. Why keep it bottled up inside? Why try to ignore the fact that you do want to tell me what's on your mind? I had really thought you were unlike others but now I see you're even worse. You're acting like a big baby, which is a big no-no. You're what..sixteen, seventeen? I mean, I think you're old enough to know how you really should be acting in this situation. You must know that you do look like a fool, standing there looking the other way each time I walk by. You must realize you are acting foolish. I don't mind if we never speak to each other again. I mean, I really don't need to be stressing myself over you. Anyhow, hope you enjoy life w/o me in it 'cuz after seeing you act like this, I know do realize that I honestly don't want to be a part of your life.

(Dedicated to this boy who I thought was a friend) Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/17/05; 8:59:29 PM | Discuss (1 response) poetryBlog: Poem Them Feens Look at them feens With no more dreams, Walking around the projects, They're rejects, Saving up a little cash, Scratching like they got some type of rash, They live for one thing in life, Don't need your advice, 'Cuz they know what they're doing And they dont care who's viewing, Just hand them their drugs, No need for kisses and hugs.

(To all the feens out there, y'all know y'all could be doin' more, why choose that road?)

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/15/05; 5:08:26 PM | Discuss (1 response) poetryBlog: Poem Him and Money Addicted to money, Like a bear to honey, He lives each day To flaunt and display, Everything he can buy, O my, I sometimes worry Why he's always in a hurry, I mean the money will always be there But I won't always be here to care.

(Dedicated to my homie, Ron. I wish he would just listen and understand why I get concerned at times) Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/15/05; 4:46:20 PM | Discuss (1 response) readingBlog: It Happened to Nancy I’ve recently finished reading "It Happened to Nancy, by an Anonymous Teenager. Altogether I read 241 pages. I really enjoyed this book. The book was unlike every other that I had read before. I loved the fact that it was a true story from a diary. The protagonist of the book was Nancy because she was the one that wrote the book. There were other characters such as Collin (the boy who had raped her), Lew (her close friend), her mother, father, Aunt, and her her loving friends.

You can get a feel for the relationship between Nancy and Collin on page 31: "I hate to even admit it but I'm waiting for Collin to call. I know he must be feeling as awful as I do...I know he just let his emotions get away with him..his animalistic, powerful emotions that he couldn't control."

(It seems like Nancy honestly wanted to believe she had not been raped by Collin, the one she had thought was sweet. But she finally realized her emotions were playing tricks on her mind and that she indeed had been raped.) You can get a feel for the relationship between Nancy and her close friends (the gaggle) on page 159:

"They've written me long letters and sent pictures and called, and I've just tried to pretend they didn't exist, never phoning and only returning say-nothing notes...I love them and and admire them and need them completly."

(It's clear that her friends love her dearly and do completly care about her. She realizes this throughout the book but at times just wants to forget. She was lucky to have dear friends in her life even through her rough times. I only wish she would have confided in them more."

I recommend for anyone to read this book. No matter how old you are this book will really touch your heart and make you appriciate the little things in life. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/14/05; 4:39:06 PM | Discuss mp3: poetryBlog: Poem Here's Another 1 for D Listen to me read this.

You caught my eye From da minute you walked by, Wanted to say so much But decided not to make a fuss. Sat and admired from a distant, Hoping you would be presistant. And I guess God must have been listening, 'Cuz my eyes soon started glistening As you walked my way, And started to display Some type of interest in me, Suggesting to me That you did want to do mo' than just gawk, You did want to talk, Maybe get to know me And show me Many wonderful things, Tie me to your strings, Wow me with your skills, Show me many thrills, Be the one to amaze me Daze me, Phase me. I do believe my eye was drawn Like a pawn Towards you for a reason..

(Dedicated to D)

  • Got my eye on someone,*

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/13/05; 8:53:29 PM | Discuss (4 responses) poetryBlog: Poem 1st Poem 4 D Did I mention You caught my attention, From the moment I laid eyes on you, Never knew I'd be thinking about you so much. Have me dying to touch And clutch At your tantalizing body, Could it be You want me As much as I want you? As much as I want you as my boo?

(Dedicated to D)

  • Got my eye on someone*

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/13/05; 7:15:29 PM | Discuss (3 responses) webJournal: DrewHolla I've moved on. No longer am I thinking about Andrew. Ya, I do miss him and do adore him dearly, my feelings for him will never change but..he's just another chapter in my life now. It was good while it lasted though. (That's more than I can say for others.) No longer are we together physically but our hearts and minds are still joined as one. We can and always will have love for each other no matter what.

They tell me I shouldn't continue to talk to him 'cuz he's my ex but since when did I listen to others? I'm going to still talk to him regardless of what others say. He's my ex, not theirs.

I don't see no harm in talking to to him. I mean, why not? I still have respect for him and think the world of him. He's unlike others. I know there'll never be another quite like him. I found it so easy to talk to him. I let him know my world, my thoughts, my inner feelings. He was always there for me with an open ear and a pocket full of advice. We cherished everything we had, enjoyed every minute of us being together. And I know I should be sad, but I'm not. That is why we both decided not to make our break up a sad event. Both decided to think of it as a new beginning. That is why I'm going to try to build our friendship, make it nice and strong and maybe even get lucky and snag me a best friend in him.

xoxo Lisette aka LeeLee xoxo

  • Good things come to an end*

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/13/05; 9:55:09 AM | Discuss (3 responses) readingBlog: 1:1

This scene takes place in an open space somewhere. The three witches are serious about what they are doing and don't take it as a joke. They come to this open space in order to chant, in thunder, lightning, or in rain?

The mood of this scene is dark and serious. You can see this scene isn't about being happy and alive. There isn't any bright lights and party music. It's about the three witches getting straight to the point, doing their little chant. You can see that the mood is dark from this:

"In thunder, lightning, or in rain?"

Also in, "Hover through the fog and filthy air."

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/12/05; 7:35:19 PM | Discuss poetryBlog: Poem Untitled Poem 4 Drew Trying to hold on each day As you stand there and throw away Everthing we had Not realizin' it makes me sad, Makes me mad To see you act as if this relationship was bad, Knowin' deep down You loved when I was around 'Cuz only I Knew deep inside How you really felt, So I dealt With all your shit, 'Till the day we split.

xoxo (Dedicated to Andrew) xoxo

  • Good things must always come to an end*

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/8/05; 5:51:30 PM | Discuss (3 responses) readingBlog: Never Die Alone

I’ve recently just finished reading "Never Die Alone", by Donald Goines. Altogether I read 177 pages. I started the book on April 29 and finished it on May 04. In general, I basically thought the book was okay. I had thought the book was going to be better but it ended up not meeting my standards. I've already seen the movie and altogether I think the movie is better than the book. I really think the movie was more interesting than the book. The characters are Paul, King David, Janet, Juanita, Mike, Moon and a few others. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/6/05; 8:01:52 PM | Discuss poetryBlog: Poem How Can You

ow can you call yourself my father When all I've ever been to you is a bother? How can you say you love me When you act as if you're above me? So stubborn, Never the one to earn My full respect, What do you expect From me Lisette aka LeeLee? How do you expect me to react When you act As if everything you say is correct Almost like you think you're perfect. How can you call yourself my father When all I've ever been to you is a bother?

(Dedicated to the one who calls himself my father) Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/6/05; 2:29:03 PM | Discuss (2 responses) readingBlog: 1:1 (My Version of Macbeth) If I were to be able to direct Macbeth, I'm sure I would make plenty of changes. I would be able to direct it just how I like, making sure to keep interesting. I would make it so it takes place present day today. I would try to make it as modern as possible, so that it could catch people's interest. This is how act 1:1 of "MacBeth" would look like if I were directing it:

My witches would enter walking in confident as if they were in a fashion show. All that would be heard as they walk in are their high heels clicking against the marble floor. They would move with aggorance as if they were better than everyone else with their hips swishing and their heads held up high. All my witches would be tall, pretty young hispanic females. Act 1:1 would take place in an empty ballroom like at around midnight, very dark outside. {pictureRef (girl in da dark: , align:left, vspace:5, hspace:10)} They would all walk in from behind two heavy doors until they reached the center of the empty ballroom.

All of my witches would act as if they liked each other but in reality they all really despise and envy each other. They all wish they were more like the other not realizing all three of them were wishing the same thing.

Each witch would be different in their own way. One would be beautiful and concieted, the other would be goody-two shoes and the last one would be the troublemaker of the group, always getting into trouble. As they speak their hands move around. They catch attitudes at times and snap their fingers to get thier point across. They tend to roll their eyes throughout the whole time they speak.

My witches would exit one after another, heading in different directions walking out quickly.

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/5/05; 2:21:41 PM | Discuss (2 responses) poetryBlog: Poem My Homie My homie, You're the one who can agree With me, Cuz' only we Can see Things eye to eye, No need to lie, No need for false promises, Just hugs and kisses

My homie, Always able to garuantee, That we Were meant to be. My best friend, Never no need to pretend, Always keepin' it real, Throughout every ordeal.

My homie, You're the key To the inner me Able to see Things others never will, Until They learn to be more like you. Damn, if only they knew.

xoxo (Dedicated to my best friend, my nicca, my homie, Ron) xoxo 2005

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/3/05; 3:26:58 PM | Discuss (2 responses) webJournal: My View On Non-fiction Non-fiction as text is not always written how you would expect it be. Non-fiction can be decieving to a person's eye and mind. Some people may think of non-fiction as text that is "true", which is a mistake because in reality non-fiction text is not always accurate. Sometimes non-fiction as text may lie or exaggerate to get their point across. That is why I believe readers should pay close attention to analyzing the text carefully in order to detect if the authors are trying to cleverly lie to their readers. I now know that non-fiction is consisted of both, the truth and exaggarated lies. Most people assume non-fiction is 100% true and correct but that's not always the case. Sometimes non-fiction as text exaggarates in order to catch a person's attention and/or interest. Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/3/05; 1:57:41 PM | Discuss poetryBlog: Poem Indeed Indeed Stole my heart Right from the start, From the minute I permitted You into domain, Think I just might going insane, What a shame, But I can't complain Because you have indeed Been what I need

xoxo (Dedicated to my boo, Andrew) xoxo 2005

Permalink-# | Lisette | posted 5/3/05; 10:22:28 AM | Discuss (2 responses)

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