"King Sugar" was very important in the English and French colonies, but Spain's Caribbean colonies were different. This was a figure of speech because sugar back in the 18th century was very valuble. Sort of like white gold to them. "king" was the nickname for suger back in the days, because it wa like a king evrywants to be a king, and evryone want to have suger.It was also called king because of its value and how much it is worth.


The African was... eminently qualified, according to the Europeans, for working in the fields and working in the tropical climate of Barbados, hence the large scale hemorrhaging, as people say, of Africa, where its young and able bodied persons as well as its weak, its old, its children were transported across the Caribbean to serve the interest of "King Sugar."

-Trevor G. Marshall in The African Influence on Barbadian Culture



Sugar was very valuble back then that's why it was called "King Sugar"


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