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Replace these words with an introduction that includes an overview of the religion and information about the founder, if any, and place of origin.

Holy books and place of worshipEdit

The Torah is the holy book which (the book of teachings) contains the book of Genisis, Exocus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.This book teaches Jews what God is like and how they should live.

Major belifs and practicesEdit

My Religion is Judaism and thier practices are Passover where they retell what had happened in Egypt and eat special food. In these articles, Mishpacha presents a concise view on several central Jewish practices, and their relevance for us today. Jews invited you to join in the discussion of these ideas and practices in our intimate, ongoing virtual communities.

A map visual related to this religion's originsEdit

Judaism map

This map came from Palestine in 1717-1777


Explain it with a caption.

The symbol is called stars of David. It represents someone or something else. It might show feeling, ideas or warming about subject. A sign is a mark or a gesture that is used instead of words to get an important idea.


Describe when the religion began with at least 5 key events.

Holy daysEdit

Shabbat is over at sundown on Saturday when at least three stars are shinning in the night sky. Jews celebrate Shabbat seven days. They don’t eat when sunrise until sunset. No work is done because the Jewish creation story says that God made the world in six days, and then rested in the seventh. Families welcome the Sabbath by lighting and blessing candles.

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