This is how to start.

Create a school or Writing Project portal

We suggest that you make a link for your school or Writing Project on our Community portal. This will give you a home page where you and your students can build projects together. You may, of course, link directly to that home page from another web site.

Use category tags

We recommend that you use category tags to distinguish which pages are by your students. You can do this by typing [[Category:Your High School or Writing Project]] at the end of a page.

Explain the license to your students

All content added to Wikia must be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Please explain to your students that they must agree to this before writing on this wiki, and that it means others can re-use their work under the terms of that license.

Don't add private information to the wiki

Under the Wikia:Terms of use, we do not require that any member gives personal details. Only a username and password are required, although an email address which lets you retrieve a forgotten password is also useful. The user name does not have to be the student's real name.