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My man Hove is the greatest to ever do it up like he does just like Big and Pac. Jay-z got some of the craziest ryhmes.

Jay-z got some of the craziest ryhmes Edit

One reason I think this is true is because if you was to listen to one of jay-z songs you'll understand why I say this. look at this verse for his song:

It's never been a ni**a this good/ for this long/ this hood/ or a pop this hot/ or this strong/with so many different flows this ones for this song/the next one I switch up/ this one would get bit up these f**ks/ to lazy to make up sh**/ they crazy they dont/ paint pictures/ they just trace me/ you know what soon they forget pluck/ they try to reverse the outcome I'm like ha/ I'm not a bitter/ I'm a writer for myself and others/ I say a big verse I'm just bigging up my brother/ bigging up my borough/I'm big enough to do it/I'm that thero/plus I know my own flow is fullish/ so those rings and things you sing about bring em out/ it's hard to yell with the betrelles in your mouth...

Jay-z is a entrepreneur Edit

Another reason I this is because he's a rapper, he aslo has his own clothing line "rocawear" he also making movies like they made state property], and paid in full,fade to balck they also coming out with state property 2

One of a kind Edit

Well Jay-z is a one of a kind rapper(he is in his own catagory) know one has his flow the way he raps is sick he always refers to his father cause he is dead and talking about money which is not a problem he is the best though.This is his ryme on the blueprint 2.1 (.R.O.C. YEAH NUMBER CLICK HERE IF YOU REPRESENTS US THROW THEM DIAMONDS YEA NOW LETS BE CLEAR I A'INT GOIN NOWERE NOW THAT YOU KNOW HOLLA AT YOUR BOY HOV)

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