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Teenagers hate getting up in the morning for school but they have to do it anyway. A lot of people hate it because every morning there are people that are tired and they end up not wanting to come to school early so they can take their time.

Sleep Vital to Individuals of Teenage Years Edit

Getting up at 7:00AM is too early and some people must wake up earlier than that because they live farther from the school. Students would benefit greatly from school starting later on in the day at a more reasonable hour, such as 10AM-11AM in order to provide students with a more suitable period to prepare for education. There are an abundance of students that don't get time to wash, prepare equipment or even eat before school, which is vital to a teenager's education.

Not getting the right amount of sleep can endanger the health of the teenager in question. Research has proven that if teenagers don't get the right amount of sleep, that is between 8-9 hours a night, it can end up affecting health and performance within everyday activities.

We need time Edit

With waking up early and barely getting the right hours of sleep, teenagers don't even get to eat breakfast sometimes. Nine hours of sleep for teenagers is important and so is eating breakfast. Many feel we need to eat breakfast, and we need time to take showers and relax. once you wake up. Without eating breakfast it's harder for the student to sit in a class for 2 hours and then sit in another class for about 45 minutes without eating breakfast. It's really hard for most students to concentrate because they end up with headaches and stomach pains.

Furthermore, sleepiness can lead to misbehavior, accidents, and chronic fatigue. Research indicates heart disease, illnesses, difficulties in school. For example, staying awake in class, paying attention, the ability to do work and staying focused. Waking up early for school Monday-Friday can be really stressful. Especially on Monday's, that's after a long weekend of over sleeping and staying up to 11 or 12 in the morning. Its important to get sleep so we can function properly. Students should get at least 10-11 hours of sleep.

Responsibility Edit

The Affects of Sleep Deprivation in Class Edit

Research has shown that tge majority of teenagers aren't getting a suitable amount of sleep at night, often arriving in school in a state of fatigue. Studies have shown that grades are very likely to drop considerably as a lack of sleep is introduced.

A way to improve school Edit


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