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A common mistake or a new chapter? Has the Iraq war become George Bush’s Vietnam? The Iraq war that President Bush started back in 2003 as the so called "War on Terrorism" was arguably similar to a war with very similar circumstances, the infamous Vietnam War 30 years ago.

People are beginning to wonder, will the war in Iraq have the same outcome as the war fought so many years ago in Vietnam? There are both similarities, and some differences between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Some similarities are the public opinion during the war, the assumptions the U.S. made about their enemy and the U.S. involvement since the beginning of the war. But is the war in Iraq the same as the war in Vietnam?

The two wars Edit

The Vietnam war lasted from 1965-1975 and was fought to stop communism in Vietnam. The war in Iraq began on March of 2003 with the purpose to stop Saddam Hussein using weapons of mass destruction (W.M.D). The two wars were very similar because both wars were wars of choice for the U.S. Both in Vietnam and Iraq the U.S. had to fight a guerilla warfare and had problems with the question of "who is the enemy?" Both wars also tried to win the "Hearts and Minds" of the American people without success.

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