Inwood Park

there is a stage and lots of people,
there is water on the left,
buildings on the right, grass underneath,
dad by my side, musicians infront, and dogs behind. took a train, if
you go by the water you can learn about birds, if you go by the
buildings you can learn about other things. i prefer to sit and learn
from where i am. i am not walking, i am sitting, i don't want to walk,
i am not jumping, zig zagging, low riding, flying, dusting, or zag
zigging. it is hot, but this wind keeps chilling me, then the sun
warms me, then the wind chills me, then the sun...lots of other people
are warm continuously, this is all in black and white, it has to be in
black in white, color never works for memories. i told you there is a stage, is there music, well what is the stage for? it did not grow
out of the grass, it is not part of the poaceae family. now i know
you are not listening to me, my dad is there, i told you that already.
talk, nope, eyes, nope, food, nope
people are talking next to us, one redhead is saying that she drank :too much last night, a parent is playing with their child.

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