Hello everyone!

This wiki is for my Information Technology college class. Part of our project is to make a wiki about a chosen topic. My wiki post will be about Home Automation. Here's the introduction paragraph to my paper:

Home automation, also known as smart homes, are on the rise in this new age of technology and innovation. The term “smart home” is used to define a residence that has some or all its appliances, including lights, televisions, camera systems, entertainment, and so on and so on controlled remotely from any location in the home or in the world by the internet or by a mobile app (WHAT IS A SMART HOME, 2016). Smart homes used to be confined to the rich and famous who needed the systems to manage their sprawling abodes. However, more affordable options and approaches in the home automation field have made it more accessible and even requested in many modern-day houses. Even though home automation is expected to be worth in the billions by 2020, they are still ethical problems, legal, and security concerns about this new technology (Americas smart homes market worth $22.4 billion by 2020, 2014). This paper will discuss future trends, ethical issues, and security concerns in the home automation industry. 


~Enid Appiah

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