Hustling is not an easy job to do. You need to have something that you know that will hit the class, and the hallway quick and easy.

How to hustle Edit

Before you start hustling you need something that will make the student come to you everyday like they go to play games a arcade. And Hustling inside the school dosen't occur, people just thnik that they hustle when in actuality they don't do nothin' but by a certain type of starburst and hand it out for 5cents, big money right!!! LOL

Where To Hustle Edit

The best place to go hustle either in the bathroom because that is where nobody can't find what you are selling. Next you can go to the staircase but not near the window thats when the security guard will look and if they find you it will be your ass. Or you can go outside and sell it because thats where nobody can see what you are doing and not only that you can't get yourself into trouble.

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