Humanity is the human race. Its being humans and what humans do. The conditions of being a human. The quality of being a human. In which an organism who have the ability to act like a human, in other word have the characteristic of a human being. Being humane, acting human like. Treating like a human with human actions unlike how you would treat a dog or other sort of animal.


By combining the spiritual upwelling dawning today in the heart of humanity, with our modern marketing and communication skills, we can create a global community where selfless-giving becomes a driving force that competes with that other aspect of ours -selfish-taking; akin to what happens in communities when they face disaster, that everybody competes to give and not to take. Then we would have succeeded in harbingering the New Humanity.

--Alliance for the New Humanity (Puerto Rico)



"treason," image by keylime on flickr

This picture is saying that rejecting racsiam is loylaty to humanity. In others words our eviroment and the people we live with.


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