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Have you ever been in Handball Tournaments,they are really good especially when there is more people to play with.

Handball Tournaments Edit

Sometimes in Handball Tournaments you could win a trophy and a blue ribbon or sometimes you could win some money. Some Tournaments are designed differently like sometimes it could be 2 on 2 or 1 on 1, for some people they think that 2 on 2 is better because you have a partner with you,andhave a better chance of getting more points in the game.

How do you enter a tournamentEdit

A lot of kids start playing handball when they are about ten years old. It is hard for kids this young to play handball, but the get the hang of it if they practice a lot. Usually there's one kid on the block who has beaten everybody, and he teaches others how to play.

Many of these players never enter a handball tournament because they don't know what to do to enter a tournament. Some of these players really want to play other poeple to see where their skills are, and to improve their skills.

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Handball Teams Edit

In a Handball Team it's kind of more difficult becauase you have more pressure against you. And for you to get into a Handball team you need alot of skills, but that's what the coach always says. If you were in Handball Team you have alot of stress and pressure because you are afraid of losing the game for your team and don't what to do. But sometimes people in Handball teams could get better as they play. Like they would know the disadvantages and advantages of a player during the game.

Techniques Edit

In handball games is good to have some techniques because they could help you out during the game. And you could have the chance of taking advantages over your opponent and having the chance to win. But sometimes you have to be careful when you use your techniques cause your opponent could counter it, and you must have defense over the court.

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