Pride and Prejudice

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Gay is O.K. New York City is full of gay people that get discriminated against every day. So should you join in on the discrimination? No, because it's not fair even though it's against some religions to be a homosexual.

Gay people have feelings too Edit

I wouldn't misjudge them because there still a person and they have feelings to. A lot of the kids in our generation are gay and some of their parents are okay with the fact they're gay, so people in the community should too.

When a gay person walks by Edit

Things that you shouldn't do when a gay couple walks by:

  1. Don't point at them.
  2. Don't stare at them.
  3. Don't look at them and start laughing.
  4. Don't make rude comments about them as they walk by.
  5. Don't worry about other people if they aren't messing with you.

If you follow these, steps you will avoid a conflict.

They're serious Edit

Most gay people take most things you say about them seriously because they're used to people making fun of them all the time.

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