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What is this?Edit

This is a piece showing two males. One is black and one is white. The black man is serving the white man a hammock. I think that this symbolizes that that slavery, was the darker people serving the lighter people, which was almost always how it was. The white man seems to be wearing clothing that is clean and new, he is also smoking a cigar which too many symbolizes a sign of masculinity and power. On the other hand the black man is wearing no shoes and barely any clothing. They both seem to be looking in a nether direction, apparently happy, so obviously nothing bad is expected to happen.

What do we know about it?Edit

This fits into the triangular trade because this picture is showing how the Puerto Rican man trades some of his wealth to get a slave. In Puerto Rico the first black man that arrived in Puerto Rico 1509 that is named Juan Garrido. He was a free man that came to Puerto Rico with a man named Juan Ponce de Leon. Another black man that came after with de Leon also and his name is Pedro Mejias. More Tainos came to Puerto Rico but De Leon end up using them for slaves. Some Tainos died weither if it was from suicide or from getting a disease called smallpox. They got smallpox from working in the mine or in construction and it spread around the whole island. Slaves were stamped in the forehead that way they would know that they was brought legally and wouldn’t be stolen. "Born Boriqua, Born Taino," an article in Look Smart. Slavery was abolished from Puerto Rico in 1873. If I had to squish the whole thing into just one or two words, the words I'd pick would be "Racist" and "Old School". It's mostly about women who talks about the Tainos and the background history of Puerto Rico. If you read nothing else of this text, read this Born Puerto Rico, Born Taino, and you'll get the gist of it: <Taino's were the first "Americans" to greet Christopher Columbus> What the author wants me to know is that Christopher Columbus was some one famous and that on his first trip to meet people it was at the Americas. This article makes explicit the fact that Tainos were a big thing and they are still to our history. What the author wants me to think is that back in the days it was poor for Tainos and Boriquas to have things done there way. This is part of what is implicit in this text. The idea that is was a hard life for them because they didn't have all this new technology we have today. What the author wants me to feel is that we should feel lucky about being born in the Americas for the fact that all the other people living in the Caribbean they don’t get as much liberty as us. The subtext here is that no matter what we...... The way she accomplishes these things is to show the life the Tainos went through and it is also written like in a biography form. Paragraph after Paragraph. Christina Veran is a journalist, historian and educator who are also a United Nations correspondent. According to an article on Puerto Rico, Cacique Urayoan had warned the Puerto Ricans of the white skinned man that was approaching. Then the Taino immediately began to revolt against the white men. Eventually the white men overpowered the Taino and the almost 350 years of slavery began.

Why should a high school student study it?Edit

High school students should use this picture to study because it shows how back then it didn’t matter what race were you or your color skin. That it have had to matter about something else. That this picture would have you searching more about the subject. The Spanish took Africans for slaves in 1508. It ended in 1873.

==Resources== "African immigration to Puerto Rico"

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