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What is this?Edit

It's a map showing America, Europe and Africa and there's arrows going around those countrys. It showed Americans how they gave Europe sugar,cotton and tobacco. It also shows that Europe gave Africa rum, iron and cotton cloths. Africa gave America slaves and all of this is a cycle and you see that it's shaped like a triangle.

This is a map of the triangular trade.Also the trade triangle looks like the bermuta triangle...

What do we know about it?Edit

How does it fit into the story of Triangular Trade because it is the Triangular Trade and America and Europe and Africa all traded there goods in for other things they needed.The triangular trade means the three different countries who traded there goods. This picture is mainly about how the people in the 1500-1700 trade there items thats why people have drawn a trangle thats how the trade look like the way they traded thats why the people know the trade as the traingular trade thats the only thing I'm thinking about the trade....Another thing this trade was very important because it shows people trade spices for real human flesh that was the debate alot of people had in the early days thats the thing that the people had to fight about.

Why should a high school student study this object?Edit

High school students should study this because they would learn what the Trianguler Trade looked like and also what and how Europeans traded between Africa, the Americans, and Europe. The Triangular trade was a big part of history because slaves were getting traded in for crops and products. They were getting exported from africa and the carribeans and were traded for sugar rum and guns and other weapons. This mainly involved the Europeans because they had the most power. The whole purpose of the triangular trade was to get more justice land and power. Slaves that were apart of the triangular trade were not just slaves because of their race they were slaves because of the wealth everyone else had against them.


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