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What is this?Edit

This picture took place on something that is called a "slave ship". In this slave ship the white people are taking care of the Afriacan Americans. But the white people are treating them horrible.The afrcian americans describe them as "horrible looks,red faces and loose hair." In this pictures it shows an African American Woman getting hung upside down by a rope. In the background you can see naked African American Women and the white Americans laughing like it is a joke. You also see writing on the ship. Things saying "Dam me if i like it....." This was writen by a white American talking about the abuse the do to the African American.

What do we know about it?Edit

This fits into the story of the Triangular Trade because many people were enslaving their own people in trade for goods. This also shows how this is an important piece of evidence for the Triangular Trade because this gives you insight on how the females and males were treated and how badly it was. There was no escaping the pain for no matter what reason. Females and Males got almost the same treatment as being slaves. This also showed that disrespecting women was also another social issue that has happened for many years. Also it is a imporant piece for the triangular trade because this girl was a black or taino lady getting sold for slavery. This picture was published on April 10, 1792 in London.George Cruikshank had engraved the caption at the bottom stating, "The Abolition of the Slave Trade, Or the inhumanity of dealers in human flesh exemplified. Kimber's treatment of a young Negro girl of 15 for her virjen [sic] modesty." This was the punishment for the young girl because she did refused to dance naked on the deck. However, the young girl in the article they were talking bout the way they treated the slaves. Olaudah Equaino is a slave that was in the a slave ship and he was going to the carribean and he talks about the thing that they did to him people when they read this article they going to see the pain and horro that Olaudah felt and the pain was not a pretty thing thats why he wrote about it.

Something else we know about this picture is that the British triumphed in ending slavery. Slavery is not right and it should have never started. They ended slavery way before the Spaniards ever did. We know that the British ended slavery in 1792 and the Spaniards aboliahed slavery 1873. That was about 81 years later. The reason why the British ended slavery before because more British people believed that there people were being inhumain to the slaves.

It was the fault of the spanish monarchs, Ferninand and Isabella because they granted permission to the colonists if the Carribean to import African slaves.Even if you were in Spain and African you were imported,and worked as laborers and miners. But at the same time some Aficans had alot of authority. Like Juan Valiente who led Spaniards in battles against the Araucanian people in 1540 and 1546. Valeinte was a slave but he was rewarded with an estateto control Native American villages. According to Wikipedia's article, Slavery in the Spanish New Worl colonies, in 1518 the first African-born slaves that were shipped were shipped to the West Indies. the Spaniards were one of the countries that were buying the most slaves. Also according to the same Wikipedia article, 95 percent of the African slaves transported on to the New World form the 15th century were sent to Latin America and the Carribean. Some how Spain ended slavey in Puerto Rico in 1873 and in Cuba in 1886. But I was a litte confused when the British ended slavery fully in 1834 cuba was still allowing it until 1888.

Why should a high school student study this object?Edit

A high school student should study this photo because the should know how slaves were being treated. The student should know what was going on in the history and how we got to be who we are today. They should also know that this is what other people went through back in History and it gives the student a right to express how they feel when they see this image and know what is going on. High school students should also look deep into this picture and see more than what it shows, things like how some slaves were put under the boat with it smelling so bad they did not even want to eat. One time when one of the slaves were offer something to eat he said no because of the smell and just because he said no he stated "....One of them held me fast by the hand, and laid me across I think the windlass, and tied my feet, while the other flogged me severly," as his punishment for denying the food.


African Slave Trade

Punishment Aboard a Slave Ship, 1792

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