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What is it?Edit

This pictures show the boat that the slaves was put on so that they could be moved from island to island.This boat has layer a pon layer of slaves laying down so it like a thousand and something slaves on the boat.They don't even have any room to barely sit up. If you look on your right you can see that the slaves at the end of the boat are crunch together with no room. Thjis is the ship that the europeans were using during the triangular trade. This is where they stored the slaves the guns the sugar and other products that they were shipping to Africa and the carribeans.

What do we know about it?Edit

This is a ship that brings the slaves across the ocean, but before bringing Africans there was a history before it. The tainos natives were with spaniards. They got along until the spaniard took advantage of them turning them into slaves. Friar Bartolome de las Casas was angry with this. In 1512 he protested how the spaniards treated the tainos. He aslo fought for there freedom.This is very important to no about this. Because of this back then is the reason some things are the way things are today.It really is for every race to see ecspeacially for people of African,Native American desent. also the Hispanic race of today because this gives you knowldge as to how you became,this is helpful for you to understand your history and how your countries started out. People that live in america also need to no this because it shows you how america was build off sweet, blood and tears. Why no no about it?

Olaudah Equiano describes the slave ship as a disgusting smell that immediately hit his nostrils, he also explained that there were nets on the side so that no one would escape. So the slaves were chain down to the deck of the boat and they were also whipped if they didn't eat because the white people didn't want them to die.

Why should a high school student study this object?Edit

This ship has so much history behind it. We all know that history is a very good and impotant subject in high school. to know about this would do you some good in the furture of history class.this is also a good thing if you have to write a paper. the most important reson to know about this and understand this is becase if we don't we could be at risk of it happening again.the picture of the boat showed how those inocent people were chaned up on top of each other.these people were treated like zoo animals or store items being shiped off by another human being. they were treated like everything else but not treated like human beings. people faught for years to get the freedom that you and me have today.they didn't work that hard for us to stop fighting here, not to fight phically but to fight by knowing our history.


Plan of the British Slave Ship "Brookes," 1789 ]What's in Wikipedia for "Slave-trade.jpg"

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