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The Project Edit

My Process Edit

First step I did was look at who would be good to work with and when I found that person we started our work. Next step my partner and me took was we chose the theme we wrote about in our essay and we chose to do the collage on that. Next we started to brainstorm some ideas and when we got what we wanted to do we started cutting out some of the images we drew and we started drawing. Also deciding what colors to use by figuring out what was my favorite colors and choosing which ones I wanted to use and which ones I didn’t want to. What my collage represents bush and 9/11 and the attack on Iraq. What we did was we drew out bush and cut it out. Then we drew a heart and put what happened on 9/11 in it. Also we drew a thinking bubble and put what’s happening in the war and we also put a tomb stone on it and put a skull with a soldier’s helmet on it. What my collage shows my audience is bin laden attacked us and know we in war and bush had the power to put us in war and has the power to take us out but he doesn’t want to. What habits of work I used to do my collage is organization and mind, meaning I always did my work regardless of how much time we had left and regardless when it was due. How I feel about my project is very good because I’m happy how it came out although it could have gotten real better It came out alright. If I were to improve one thing it would be to not leave so much space next time.

The Theme Edit

As you can see, in the middle we have a person at a podium. He's like President Bush. Bush plays a role on our theme because the power he has over this country has corrupted us and him. We also have the Twin Towers in his heart, and the War, and on the side we have a tombstone with a skeleton of a solider, which is what the outcome of the war will be.

Habits of Work and Mind Edit

When I was doing my <<photo/painting/sculpture/collage/poster...> I made sure that <...Describe a habit of work that you used while creating this image.> I also <...Describe another habit of work that you practiced while doing this art.> The Habit of Mind I used was <... state a habit of mind, and explain how you used that habit while making this work of art.>

Conclusion Edit

Overall this project was good. I really enjoyed it. It gave John and I a better understanding of how people with power can destroy themselves and everyone around them. It's better to draw a theme for Animal Farm because it is something that everyone can enjoy and get dome quickly and then you can explain it to other people so they can understand what your theme is. One thing I can improve on is picking a partner wisely.

Thank you.

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