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The assignment for this project was to use symbols to represent the theme I was working with for the book Animal Farm. The theme I represented is perpetrators and bystanders preventing changes from happening. This means that people that do cruel things, and people that don't do anything about these things prevent positive changes. When you walk down a neighborhood, there could be a bully picking on a kid. Usually people just laugh, walk away, and don't do anything. So the bully keeps picking on somebody.

Before I started on this art project I had to choose a theme I wanted to work with. Then I had to brainstorm and plan out how it was going to look like, and where my symbols were going to go. The steps that were important to me was planning out the bigger picture and brainstorming. One step that was a little difficult for me was working with other classmates because they had different ideas, and that person may not like my idea or that person sometimes gets lazy.

My collage represents how there are people who abuse others because they are less powerful. Then they are others who have power to do something but they don't do it. In my collage I have two dogs. One of the dogs whose name is Pollio is the perpetrator, he is abusing cats. The cats represent victims. Then there is another dog whose name is Benny. He is a bystander. He sees what's going on through a camera but he just covers his eyes. If you notice the dogs in my collage are huge. This represents that they have equal power. The cats are small because they have less power. The reason I placed them in that way because I want to show the difference between the dogs. The images show how a perpetrator treats people and how a bystander does nothing.

The habit of work I used well was organization and time. When I was doing my collage I made sure my pieces had my name on it. I also used my time properly. I did what I had to do. The habit of mind I used was connection. I had to make sure my symbols connected with my theme.

I really enjoyed doing this project. I perfer creating art about Animal Farm then writing because I don't like to write that much. I want to improve on filling the white spaces out and adding more symbols.

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