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The Project Edit

The assignment for this project was to create a poster reflected the theme from our Animal Farm essay.

My Process Edit

Before I started on this art project I had to be put into a team with other people that also had my theme for Animsl Farm. Our group brainstormed words that came to mind when we said the theme. We had a large group so we were split up into two smaller groups by Jennifer. Crystal and I were a group. Once we got settled at a different table, we were given supplies that we were allowed to use and brainstormed some images that went with the words. When we had enough images, we had to find a way to make them all come together on a poster to show our theme. We used scrap paper to draw our ideas out. Once we agreed, it was time to start the real thing. The first thing we did was cut the images out on different colors of construction paper. Then we put glued and taped them where we wanted them. When we were done, Jennifer suggested that we find a way to show how they connected and how our poster proved that ignorance leads to oppression. In the end, we decided to connect the images by a chain. We used this not only to show that they were all connected but also to show how the ignorant person is held down by the chain. The steps in making this work of art that were most important to me were putting it all on paper and seeing the final product. This was important because I felt I did a good job of proving my theme. One part of the process that was a little difficult for me was brainstorming words and images that came to mind. Mostly because nothing really came to mind. Thankfully I had people who helped me and in the end we worked as a team to come up with things together.

The Theme Edit

My poster represents how people's ignorance contributes to their own political and social oppression. This is important to me because it is something that I strongly agree with as I showed in my Animal Farm essay.

Habits of Work and Mind Edit

When I was doing my poster I made sure that <...Describe a habit of work that you used while creating this image.> I also <...Describe another habit of work that you practiced while doing this art.> The Habit of Mind I used was <... state a habit of mind, and explain how you used that habit while making this work of art.>

Conclusion Edit

I really <enjoyed/did not enjoy> doing this project. <Explain why in 2 or 3 sentences.> I want to improve on <...Describe what you might do better next time.>

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