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The Project Edit

The assignment for this project was to, create an art which represents the theme I chose to work with, which was "Power corrupts those who posses it". I had to use papers to create my art, I wasn't allowed to color or draw my symbols, I had to cut out pieces of paper and create a symbol, which had to represent the theme.

My Process Edit

The Theme Edit

My art shows a rich guys hand, and on his hand he is wearing a gold watch and a gold ring, so obviously that means he is rich, and bad, then I had little people, I probably have like 7 of those little people or men, what ever you want to call them on my art, and the guy he's pushing them into this deep hole, they are in danger, vulnerable. They are being treated badly by their boss.

Habits of Work and Mind Edit

When I was doing my project, I was trying to think of what's happening in the world, and the things I know, things I’ve learned in the past, I just used the knowledge I have. I remember the time I was hired to work for this guy, and I just kept doing my work, and he had other employees just work and work, and all he did was sit down, eat potato chips and drink coffee, now this is actually wrong, this means that he's taking control, and making us do everything and he has nothing to do. And during work time when I need help with something he's not there to help me he is on the phone or just eating. So I guess the habit of work I used was text to world, I think that’s relevance....?

Conclusion Edit

I didn't really enjoy doing this project it was kind of frustrating for me because I kept messing up and some times I feel like this piece of art just doesn't look right, its to big or too small, it was just difficult for me, and I had to make it look nice, so people can understand what I’m trying to show, but I don't think I was so good at that, because like I said before I was having difficulty creating a symbol, it just didn't look right. Some thing I enjoyed I guess is choosing my own color, the color I loved using is gold, I don't know why I just like looking at colors, and using them I guess.

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