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The Project Edit

The assignment for this project was to put what we learned about power, how some who has it corrupt others who don't. How indivials are not being treated equally in a poster with pictures. Not pictures like from the magazine or from online but cutting out pictures from paper. You had to use paper,cut out pieces of it and make it to show what we learned. We had a poster and we had to fill it up with paper pictures.It had to be big so it can fill the big poster.

My Process Edit

Before I started on this art project I had to read a book called animal farm which is about the theme i picked which is people with power corrupt others who don't. Then i had to use paper and cut out pieces of it that represents the theme i picked. The steps in making this work of art that were most important to me were cutting out the pieces of for the art work because it has to fill up the a big poster. One part of the process that was a little difficult for me was working by myself because edward and jean are wack. They can't do shit. Got to do all the work so then i got all the credit.

The Theme Edit

My photo,painting,sculpture,collage,poster represents that people who has power corrput others who don't. As we read animal farm a pig called napolean had power over the farm and he treated other who didn't had power. He would do anything to gain that power.

Habits of Work and Mind Edit

When I was doing my photo,painting,sculpture,collage,poster I made sure that i my poster showed my theme and that everybody else can see that my poster shows my theme. I also maked sure that my picutes was big enough and that i had enough pictures for the poster. It took me time to finish this project because i had to do it myself but still i had done it and i give myslef profs for that.

Conclusion Edit

i really enjoyed this projsect because i think its better to understand something better in words. I think pictures explain things better besides words.

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