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What is this?Edit

This image shows masters, and thier slaves working at a plantation for sugar canes. The slaves are draging in the sugar canes while the masters order them were they should put the sugar canes. There is a horse in this picture carrying sugar canes into the building. The masters are dressed in red suits, it seems as though they are also wearing top hats.

Why is the object an important piece of evidence for understanding Triangular Trade?Edit

This image shows one of the ways the Europeans made their money within the trade. They did this by trading sugar for money back in Europe. This picture also shows how the europeans would slave the Taino and African American to working in the night and slaving them to make sugar and cofee.

Why should a high school student study this object?Edit

You should care for this subject becuase it was/is important to know what had happened all because of greed and racism. Another reason is to make sure that this never happen again,that history doesn't repeat its self. It is also imporant because people may act dumb and let history repeat itself.


Sugar Boiling House, Antigua, West Indies, 1823 and The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record

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