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What is this?Edit

This is a picture of Africans bringing gold to Europeans gold and gifts for ariving on there land.and there are europeans in the backround puting up a cross.There is also three ships in the picture and there is also some people in the background dancing there is trees and water around the island the african americans of the island look free and very kind.

What do we know about it?Edit

In December 5, 1492 Christoper Columbus arrive in the Caribbean. The Tainos think Christopher were different and weird. The Tainos called them the Guamikena (the covered once). The Tainos were curious about the European. Guacanagarix, the chief of the Tainos hosted a welcome party for Christopher and his men.

According to a article in wikipedia, The Native Americans thought Christopher Columbus was weird. But they still greeted him and treated him the way your supposed to treat guests. Columbus took black and Portugal men to sail across the ocean. He was using them. After he used them her killed them. He tortured them, mutalized them. Some chose to commit suicide, instead of dying without any dignity. Not only did he kill the Native Americans, but he also raped women.

Tainos were the first Americans to have met Christopher Columbus and his men. Christopher mistakened them as Indians. He arrived with the worst of intetions but the Tainos didn't know this so, they had to find out the hard way. Bartolome de Las Casas had estimated their population to about 8 million, including neighboring islands. A 100 years had passed and they had noticed the population had decreased at an incredible amount.

Why should a high school student study this object?Edit

You should care about this image because it shows how our people lived like before the europeans came along and toke over the island.And it teachs you the history that the books leave out.


--Naziak 13:46, 8 May 2006 (UTC)

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