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What is this?Edit

This picture shows two white men and a african slave women.One of the white men are wearing a stripped shirt and a hat with some jeans and he is smoking a pipe. He is pressing against a slaves back with a brand. He is branding the woman to show she is a slave and belongs to some one. The other person standing there looks like a young boy and he is just standing there with a lantern it might be because they could be branding her during the night. The young boy is wearing an open chest shirt with black pants and a black hat. He also has curly hair, and he is standing in a position with his hands in his pockets. The slave doesnt have a shirt and it looks like she took a sheet to cover herself.Her face expressions says it all.It hurts badly. It looks like its outside a farm. theres trees and the slave is on top of a hill. Its like the older man is having fun because it looks like he's smilling while branding the african woman slave. The woman looks like she is dieing from the pain, her eyes look like they are rolling to the back of her head.the lady is getting stapped in her back!!!!!!!!!!I feel really hurt that they would really brun that poor women just because she was a different race.

What do we know about it?Edit

This fits into the triangular trade because the slaves were branded to show ownership.Then when they are traded they can be reffered as property. Published in New York in 1854. It was written in 1854," A few days before the embarkation takes place the head of every male and female are shaven. They are then marked . . . with a hot pipe sufficiently heated to blister the skin. Some [purchasers] use their initials made of silver wire. . . . . this disagreeable operation is done only when several persons ship slaves in one vessel . . . . [The branding] is done as lightly as possible, and just enough for the mark to remain only six months; when and if well done, it leaves the skin as smooth as ever. This scorching sign is generally made on the fleshy part of the arm to adults, to children on the posterior" it look like shes getting shank

Why should a high school student study this object?Edit

To show is another student this is to let the student know what was really going on. When a student sees the picture they should look at it good. They also need to know that this is how African People were treated. It might be a harsh site. But it's good to know your history.

A high school student should read this because what you are seeing in this picture is not what is supposed to be happening to humans. The pain that you see the girl in the picture facing is bad enough. You think getting burned doesn't hurt --think again. That's the reason the white people used to do it.


Branding an Enslaved Woman, 19th cent.

Branding Peoples.

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