My story is about how I'm rediscovering how difficult learning can be. I'm supposedly a well educated adult whose reading and writing skills go beyond a basic level of achievement. Meaning I would hopefully score at least a 3 on the 4th grade ELA test (and perhaps the 8th grade test as well). But I'm having a real hard time picking up on technology. I thought I knew more of this stuff than I actually do and it is constantly changing.

Take this afternoon, for example, I am all set to start working on an NTI blog. I decided to download some pictures so I could have them for the blog when I get ready to do the design. I wanted to post a few pictures to my own blog. But Paul and Kate wanted us to start working with Wikis, yet another Internet based word processing program. (I know it's more than word processing but seems to be all that I'm doing.) Because I didn't immediately join them I was lost. So when I started reading the information on blogs, it was like reading another language. (I hear you Paul, it is another language. But it's written in English.)

So, I'm now on overload and I should have know this would happen since I've taken at least three courses with Paul before. He believes in telling people more than they need to know and allowing them to flounder. I guess it's liking throwing the baby into the pool and watching them struggle as they begin to swim. Just a note Paul, when I took swimming in college (a requirement) the instructor told me to just relax and I would float. Well I tried to relax and I floated down to the bottom of the pool. Remember that as you toss those babies into the water.