We've been studying European geograph and now we will also learn about European History, especially the history of Germany starting from the time of World War I. To help you understand what caused World War I, go to these links:

This is the first World War I site

Go to this website and complete the activities about World War I

Read this and/or print it out to get an overview of the * "Tangle of Alliances" that brought on World War I. you can use this sheet to study for the test.

For homework, print out this Causes of World War I crossword

Antisemitic Nazi Propagada poster

Examples of Nazi propaganda posters

More Nazi propaganda posters

European GeographyEdit

To test your European geography skills go to this site

Here's another map game Click on your level and play!

Holocaust Gallery WalkEdit

Read through "I Survived" to learn about the Holocaust.

Read survivors' stories and view images on this website.

Nuremberg TrialsEdit

The Doctors' Trials

The Charges against the defendants Read the first three paragraphs and take notes.

War Crimes Read about five of the experiments and take notes.

Testimonies Read one of the actual testimonies and take notes. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR THE LINK TO THE TRANSCRIPTS OF THE TESTIMONIES.

Sentencing Read about the sentences of three of the convicted war criminals and take notes.

Genocide in DarfurEdit

Map of Sudan

Background information on the genocide in Darfur

More links to Darfur information.

Look on this link for multimedia presentations about Darfur.

Ten things you can do right now to help the situation in Darfur

Send a postcard to GEORGE BUSH urging him to take action on Darfur.

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