Electric Motors

The computer you are viewing this page with, the electric razor you shaved with, the car you recently rode in, the elevator you took, the pencil sharpener at your desk, all share a unique and vital feature that their proper functioning is dependent on. Can you guess it? All of them have....drum roll...electric motors! Basically any appliance, in and outside of the home, that does work, has an electric motor. But what exactly is an electric motor, you ask?....

General DescritptionEdit

Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electrical enerrgy is the electic current that is being generated from a particualr power source. It is measured in Watts (Voltage x Amperes). The mechanical energy is the motion that results from the flow of the electric current through the motor as it reacts with the natural forces of the magentic field (the motor contains magnets that repel each other and inturn rotate in a ciruclar motion). Essentially, a motor uses the forces of the magentic field to take an electrical current being fed into the motor, and convert it into mechanical motion to do work. note!: Be careful not to confuse an electric motor with a generator. When placed side by side, they are seemingly identical by appearance. But in fact, their jobs are exact opposites. A generator creates electrical engery from mechancial energy, while a motor turns electrical energy into mechancial.


In 1819, Hans Christian Oersted discovered that each time he brought a compass near a current carrying conductor (anything that absorbs electrical charge), the compass would move to become perpendicular to the conductor. Michael Farady continued to research this idea, and he found that motion could be created using the magentic field. Farady created the first electric motor in 1821. However, while Farady's invention had great potential, it didn't have enough power and thus usage for everyday life. Thomas Davenport went on to

How Do They Operate?Edit

DC MotorsEdit

AC Single Phase MotorsEdit

AC Polyphase MotorsEdit


Power FactorEdit

Why Do We Use Them?Edit



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