An Electric Motor is a device which uses electric energy and converts it into mechanical motion, by either direct currents (dc) or alternating currents (ac). Most Electric Motors are powered by magnetism, and the most common type of electric motor is a Rotary Motor.

Common Elecric Motors Edit

Electric motors are used both indoors and outdoors, in homes and in businesses. Cars, trams, and trains are all examples of machines which are powered by electric motors. Some of your common household appliances are also powered by electric motors, several examples of them are, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, fans, and hairdryers.

Parts of Electric Motors Edit

A Rotary electric motor contains several main parts. There is the motor with electromagnets wound aroung it's frame. There is the rotating part called the Rotor, or the stationary part called the Stator. Yhere is an armature, the part of the motor through which voltage is supplied, it will either be the rotor or the stator depending on how the motor is designed. Around the armature coils are wound as conductors. The arrangement of wires and the magnetic field causes a torque to develop on the rotor's axis.

There are also permanent magnets which produce a consistent magnetic fieldm a steel former to link the permanent magnets, a commutator where the ends of the coils are connected, and brushes which press on the commutator and keep it spinning.

How Electric Motors Work Edit

The coils in electric motors are powered by the magnetic force exerted by a magnetic field on an electric current. An electric current will pass through a wire loop in a magnetic the field, the loops then experience forces in opposite directions and rotate. The mechanical forces causing the loops to rotate are described in Lorentz Force Law. This force is how the coils on the motor to turnm and is how electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy.

The north pole and south pole are important to the function of electric motors, as they inicate which direction energy is flowing into the motor to power it.

Diagrams of Electric MotorsEdit

Several Electric Motors:

The parts of an electric motor:

Direction of an electric motor:



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