This wiki article will develop over the course of the semester by having everyone in the class contribute to it.

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By the end of the semester we will have documentation of the course, its materials, challenges and discoveries.

Our ClassEdit

Our Computer Arts class has experimented with many different types of prograilhvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviyf8yfhjnb,hb of each of our topics. Everytime that we started working on anything new, at, Delicious, and Flickr, as well as many different sources of information including podcasts, RSS feeds, and databases. jk,lk/

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Saving and Finding Files on Apples, Dells, and LinuxesEdit

During our Lab. In our classroom, we have Apples, Dells, and Linuxes. On each one, there is a certain way to save a file, yet at the same time, the ways are somewhat similar, following the same basic ideas.


Our Inspiration Projects were webs of information about ourselves, that would possibly give an idea of our character to someone looking at them. There was a circle in the middle of the page with our names, and surrounding this were many different shapes that contained information relating to us. Pictures, color changes, font changes, and added recordings all made each of our Inpiration Projects unique, so that they reflected out personality.


The Wonder Projects were very similar to that of the Inspiration Projects. Both used the Inspiration program to display their information.two

Memory MapsEdit

The memory maps started off with each student picking a memory that they would want to present in a comic strip. Using Google Maps, we each found three maps showing the journey of our memory. These pictures were eventually put on Bubblr, where we put together the comic strips.