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420 East 12th Street New York, NY 10009

Phone Number Edit

(212) 460-8467


Principal Edit

Mark Federman, x260

Home: (718) 965-0178

Cell: (917) 407-8814

Mark's Blog

Assistant Principal Edit

Tammy Vu, x462

Home: (516) 801-0661

Assistant Principal Edit

Sayeeda Carter, x362

Home: (718) 735-1093

Dean of Students Edit

Matthew Guldin, x419

Cell: (347) 678-8585

Parent Coordinator Edit

Helen Zeile, x216

Cell: (347) 563-5248

Principal Intern, 7th/8th Grade Supervisor Edit

Rachel Hoff, x562

Principal Intern, 11th/12th Grade Edit

Keith Ryan, x207

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