The East Side Tigers advanced to 3-1 after yesterday’s great win against Eleanor Roosevelt high school. Yesterday's high scorer was Derrick Benton who scored 27 points and had 12 rebounds. The bench also did well defensively grabbing almost every rebound against these cats. Coach said before the game, "We have to go out there and put effort into everything we do on the court." Everyone took that into consideration and did their thing. Kendell grabbed 8 rebounds and Jeremiah Mendoza grabbed 5 rebounds. Each had one block which got the crowed hyped.

So far this season has been great for the East Side squad. There is a sense of togetherness on this team. When there on the court they communicate with each other. And if someone messes up someone is always there to pick them up with words of encouragement. The next team their going to face will be American Sign Language and English high school. They are 0-4 this season. If the Tigers can come out with the same intensity that they had last night they will be a strong threat in their conference.

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