Baseball at East Side Community High School, NYC


Head Coach: Tom Mullen
Assistant Coach: John
Record: 3-0
Status: Developmental League


All games begin at 4:00 pm

H=Home A=Away

5/23/05 - A EBC/ENY vs. East Side at Betsey Head Park

5/24/05 - A Wings Academy vs. East Side at American Legion Field

6/1/05 - H East Side vs. HS for American Studies at North Meadow #3 (Central Park)

6/2/05 - H East Side vs. School for Law and Journalism at North Meadow #1 (Central Park)

6/6/05 - H East Side vs. Urban Peace Academy at North Meadow #3 (central Park)

6/7/05 - A HS Fashion Industry vs. East Side at Chelsea Park

6/9/05 - A Richard Green HS vs. East Side at North Meadow #3 (Central Park)

Team roster Edit

Akbaryar, Noel - Frosh
Baez, Samuel - Sophomore
Espinal, Edward - Sophomore
Fermin, Ismael - Sophomore
Martinez, Alexis - Senior
Mendez, Malcolm - Frosh
Mercedes, Luis - Sophomore
Ramirez, Wilson - Senior
Rosas, Carlos - Sophomore
Santana, Ruben - Senior
Sim, John - Sophomore
Vargas, Joel - Senior
Nunez, Alex - Sophomore

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