It isn't fair how drug dealers are taking over the projects . ethe police try to stop this harsh crime the persons in posession hide aweeay theeto do it.fewdf' (,pg1)

ecfTeens take drugs because of them wanting to be cool

and fit in so they won't feel left out of something.

Government Taking eTodayeee the edfddwedc Edit

cfdsefrom drugs such as arresting drug dealer'

s . The government does lots of stuff to stop people for giving teens e ( ,pg 1)eThe governmeeent is taking a efoeer doing drugs .f ewens with drugs problem.

Gangs and warfareweewffeqwfwefewo is dewfewwefealing with all the warfare in polo grounds?!!!!fwrong with gangs or problems butf is going to stop it the cops are to scared to stowfewfewfp ewfewfefthem becewfauewfse the gang lfwewfiedfe is so bad that cops get shot at end thewefey don’t come back for like weeks Edit

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