The story of this island is sad and just wrong. These words really describe what the story might be about or what its mood is.

Dona Licha's Island, by Alfredo Lopez Edit

The most significant line in this article is:

"We have black skin. We have slave blood, and even in the early 1800s when my grandfather was still a boy, there was no law against killing a slave blood. Making a boat, if you were black was a crime. But he made his boat and went to fish."

One woman or a whole country? Edit

The author wants me to know that the americans ruined one womans life just by trying to change her country. The author wants me to think about how this could have been prevented if the americans had minded their own buisness. The author makes me want to feel bad for what happened to some of the people in Puerto Rico. He accomplishes this by talking about one person in particular that affected him or someone else. What this text makes explicit is how Operation Bootstrap helped the Puerto Ricans and how it didn't.

The story behind the story Edit

The subtext here is that the americans chose a bad place to make ships. How my mind changed as I read this text is it showed me what Puerto Ricans had to go through back then a long time ago.

If I had to squish this whole text into 1 or 2 words, I would pick " Interesting" and "sad". The most significant line in this artice is this one: " Anyway, they benefit from the smoke; I benefit from the stamps. We end up even. That's the American way of doing things." I think this is the most significant sentence because it talks about Dona and the American People did an even swap, and they both go something out of it. .

The author wants me to know that even though Dona Licha lost her old way of eating fish, she had gotten food stamps to pay for her food at supermarkets. The author wants me to think in the first part of the article that Dona Licha had lost the most important thing to her and couldnt do anything about it. It didnt turn out that way. Dona had gotten food stamps from the American people so she can by her food and not have to suffer. The author wants me to feel like it was okay for the american people to make their process and destroy Dona's fish population, but then again, the author wants me to feel like it wasnt okay because she was really heart broken about the situtation.

As I read this text my mind has changed because I thought that Dona was going to be left with nothing at all to survive...but my opinion changed because the americans had sent her food stamps to survive on.

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