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Distance Learning is expanding the curriculum in Region 9, via video-conferencing.

Three Sites Edit

There are three corporate level, state-of-the-art video conferencing centers in Region 9 that are utilized for innovative, interactive, live Distance Learning activities. These sites were part of the INET system that were built and are maintained by the City of New York. The platform in for the technology in the rooms are built on Broadband, Fiber Optic Cable.

  • Washington Irving High School
  • Humanities High School
  • The Julia Richmond Complex
    • Vanguard HS
    • Manhattan International
    • Ella Baker
    • Urban Academy
    • Talented Unlimited
    • PS 226

These sites, not only support the needs in the above 9 schools, but are open to other nearby schools in the Region. In addition to the INET centers, Eleanor Roosevelt High School has a mobile video conferencing Tandberg unit that operates via IP. Also, PS 112/ 206 will be using a combination of ISDN and IP for their videoconferencing needs.

As Region 9 expands Distance Learning programs throughout the schools, Hunter College is supporting the Region by offering use at their Distance Learning Center.

Dr. Lynn Hunter, Region 9-Media Specialist, coordinates activities for the video conferencing programs in the Region and in all of the INET sites around the city. She works closely collaborating Distance Learning Programs with the ITIS staff in the Region.

The Programs Edit

Some of the programs that are currently being created and planned are the following:

  1. NY Historical Society- piloting work in the Region at Vanguard, Ella Baker and PS 112.
  2. NY Historical Society and Washington Irving-Commerce in NYC program.
  3. American Museum of Natural History- created pilot program in the Science/Social Studies Content areas at Vanguard, Manhattan International, Ella Baker, Urban Academy and Talented Unlimited.
  4. NASA/ Israel ongoing program at Washington Irving.
  5. NASA/Turkey ongoing program at School of the Future.
  6. Debate team at Washington Irving to compete with other schools in NYC
  7. Chess Club at Vanguard to compete with other schools around the city.
  8. Bronx Zoo special programs being arranged with elementary schools in the Bronx.
  9. Art/Science/History Project- Bronx Zoo and Buffalo Zoo and Vanguard HS
  10. Self Portrait/Still Life Program to be created with Washington Irving
  11. Dance Program - Washington Irving/ Humanities/Talented Unlimited.
  12. Programs being created with schools in London, Doncaster-England, Peking-China, Scotland, Isreal and Turkey.

more to come...