First day

Now that you have found the site and have an account, the first you are going to do is share your reflections on history and this class. To do so, you are going to do it in the discussion section of the article Dennis'_Class

In general, there is a tab labeled discussion with every article. Check this out next time you are looking something up on wikipedia. For us, to add to discussion about an article, click on discussion tab then click on “+” button next to edit tab. Always click on this “+” button, it will make your addition set off with lines as separate and unique. When done, click on the second button from the right on top of the editing box – this will insert your name and time of writing your posting. Then, to finish, click on the save page (you MUST do this) and your addition will be added to discussion.

Once you've done this, your first Wiki assignment is complete. Congrats!--Ricstol 14:34, 2 March 2006 (UTC)

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