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The holy book for taoism is called the "Dao De Jing" which means "the way and the power of the way."

Here is a chapter in the tao te ching titled

"Mindful of Little Things: tao te ching"

Chapter 64

"It's easy to keep hold of what hasn't stirred, easy to plan what hasn't occured. It's easy to shatter delicate things. Do things before they happen. Get them straight before they get mixed up.

The tree you can't reach your arms around, grew from tiny seedlings. The nine-story tower rises, from a heap of clay. The ten-thousand-mile journey, begins beneath your foot."

Major belifs and practicesEdit

In Daoism, the Daoists believe that there is a heaven. They think that heaven provides momentum and vigor for the universe. Vigor means mental strength, energy, or force, and momentum means an essential element. Another belief is they have the five phrases of life: birth, growth, marriage, old age, and finally death. They also believe that there are five basic elements, which represent different chi. the elements, are wood, fire, water, earth and metal.

In Daoism, they practice the art of Feng Shui, which is the practice of moving or building objects like boulders or buildings. Another practice that they do is meditation, interior hygiene, and philosophy. These practices produce effective visions of renewal. Another practice they do is T’ai Chi which is a form of martial arts that Daoists do.

The way of Virtue is the Daoist holy book. Their place of worship is the wilderness and temples.




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