A lot of people love to dance because it makes them feel like they can really shine the light of their own moves!

Beyond words Edit

Dancing says alot of things with movement that you don't have to use words. Dancing is a great way to express ones self and stay out of trouble. Dancing also give people who don't have anyone to rely on something to do with them selves. Dancing is fun and it can help you workout. Dancing changes every day. Superstars have come up with moves like thunda-clap, pon de bank, parachute, the shake, log on, wine like a gypsy, and the moonwalk to name a few.

Commitment Edit

If you want to be a good dancer you have to dance everyday. This maight make your personality seem goofy, but you can't care if people have some comments to say. They don't know that the more they talk, the more some people dance.

Summer classes Edit

My summer classes aren't really hard the only hard parts to dancing in the summer is dancing in the sun,and having the moves on point. I have classes in the summer so that I can have something to do and all of us can have fun doing it. Why doesn't eastside start a summer dance program. It is a good idea we could have a show for money like the movie honey.

Beats Edit

To dance you have to have the right music because some music just don't go with a dancers flow. A type of music that most people dance to is reagee and hip hop. If you don't have the right music to dance to, it shuts the party down. A very good song that is a good example of a dancing song is "Get low" by lil'jon and the eastside featuring the ying yang twins. That song is hot.

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Dancing With Expression Edit

Dance. What dancing really does to you is make you relax and be free. There are many ways to dance and express your feelings. The ways of expressing yourself are through words, writing, and now dancing. Dancing is a good way of expressing yourself because you don't hurt anyone. You know what to do to let yourself know if your angry, mad, sad, happy and confused. Dancing is a way to feel like you are in control. Control of the floor and the type of music you listen to. There are many types of music that say many bad things, but face it, they're all true. Depending on the music you listen to you can also express the way you feel about the day, yourself, or others. Dancing is a way to exercise your body as well as dealing with your problems with out fighting. Dance is a way to freedom.

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