Do Now Edit

Start Internet Explorer and log onto (if you need a user name and password, it’s rrgreen)

Explanation Edit

You need a really quick way to do an annotated bibliography on a topic.

Aim Edit

(teacher adds)

Computer Skills Edit

By the end of this checklist you should be able to:

  1. Search a research database for a specific topic
  2. Select certain articles for review
  3. Copy information from the internet to a document

Checklist Edit

  1. Click Topic Search
  2. In the search box, type a topic such as Conflict Resolution
  3. Notice the Folder is Empty Link on the right hand side and click thee Search button.
  4. Click Government
  5. Choose one of the articles there and click Add
  6. Click Newspapers
  7. Click the Add link of two of the newspaper articles there
  8. Move to the top of the page so that you can see the Folder Has Items link.
  9. Click the Folder Has Items link.
  10. Click Save to Disk
  11. Click the Save link (a second one). The articles will appear.
  12. Select all the text there (Tap the letter A as you hold down the CTRL key)
  13. Copy everything (Tap the letter C as you hold the CTRL key)
  14. Start Microsoft Word and get a blank document
  15. Paste everything into this page (Tap the letter V as you hold down the CTRL key)
  16. Click File on he menu bar
  17. Click Save As
  18. For the file name, type your name
  19. Press the spacebar and type Conflict Resolution
  20. Click the Save button
  21. Close Internet Explorer
  22. If possible, print one copy of your new document (Tap the letter P as you hold down the CTRL key, then press ENTER)

Continuation Exercise Edit

  1. Read each article then summarize it.
  2. Type your summary sentences into the right places on the document.

More Response Programming Checklists, by Anthony V. Romano

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