{Grade) Course Title 2005-2006

Teacher’s Name

Please include the following:

Course ObjectivesEdit

Course OutlineEdit

(scope and sequence including units, broad skills and content)

Essential questionsEdit


daily/weekly assessment ritualsEdit



standardized testsEdit

Pieces that will go into portfolioEdit

Supplies neededEdit

Homework and Classwork Deadlines PolicyEdit

(including expectations for all work and policy for accepting late homework, projects and making up tests. The homework policy should be consistent across your grade team.}

Grading PolicyEdit

(including a breakdown of how grades are calculated.)

Attendance and Lateness PolicyEdit

(must include the following line: More than 10 absences in a semester will put you in danger of receiving an Unsatisfactory (U). The attendance and lateness policy should be consistent across your grade team.)

Texts/novels/resources read or usedEdit

Instructional RitualsEdit

(Do-Nows, writing workshops, labs, mini-lessons, etc.)

Brief summary of plan for preparing students for standardized test(s)Edit

(if applicable)}

After-school days/hoursEdit

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